Ladies Hostel

The College has an up-to- date hostel for girls. The hostel can accommodate up to 180 girls. The hostel is centrally located with schools, shopping and transport facilities available at walking distance.

The hostel is in charge of a full time lady warden. Girls will be required to maintain strict discipline in the hostel. Night outs are prohibited unless there is specific permission. Full security arrangements have been made. In addition to the rooms for stay, there is a central meeting hall, study room.

Mess facility is available for morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. Hostel is equipped with solar heaters to ensure supply of hot water. In addition to supply of water from municipality, there are two bore wells to ensure adequate supply of water. The hostel is meant for girls studying in Datey College and other Institutions run by Vishuddha Vidyalaya.