E-Learning – English Speaking and Writing Courses

We are starting courses to improve english speaking and writing coures.

(इंग्रजी संभाषण व इंग्रजी सुधारणा वर्ग)

e-lectures on English Pronunciations

Faculty – Ms. Aparna Bapat-Modak, English Language Trainer, MA, MPhil, CELTA (higher grade) (University of Cambridge) (England)

Session 1 Introduction to sounds
Session 2 Syllables, word stress and sentence stress
Session 3 Intonation
Session 4 P, b, t, d
Session 5 k, g, t∫, dȝ
Session 6 M, n, ɳ
Session 7 S, z, ∫ȝ
Session 8 Θ, ŋ, ð
Session 9 l,r, j
Session 10 F, v, w
Session 12
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16
Session 17